Waiting for Your Diamond

| January 28, 2008 | 1 Reply

A study in The Journal of Consumer Research finds that people have more trouble choosing between bad alternatives than good ones. In one experiment, college students were asked to choose between a car with a poor warranty and one without air-conditioning. They took 26 percent longer to choose than students who were asked to pick between a car with good financing and one with a powerful engine.

Conversely, subjects who were asked to reject a car had an easier time selecting between the flawed cars than those who were choosing between two good cars.

In regards to business (or anything for that matter), I posted this article because it leads to a good point – it’s hard to make a choice when you don’t have any good alternatives.  My point is that you should never choose something you don’t like, even when there aren’t any other alternatives – especially if you’re not satisfied.  For example, if you’re shopping for investment property but can’t find anything that meets your criteria, don’t choose anything.  Just wait.  There will always be another good deal out there.

There are so many people out there who settle for less, although they could easily have what they want.  My advice: never sell yourself short, as your next opportunity just might be your diamond in the rough.  

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    Just to let you know….. I am still waiting for my diamond too….

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