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“We are not the Blue states of America, nor are we the Red states of America, we are the United States of America.” 

Those were the words of Barack Obama that rang out loud and clear during Campaign 2008.  America demanded change, and change is what we got.  I’m glad to see that Obama was able to make such history.  I would have been equally happy if McCain had won the ticket.    

Now the time has come.  On January 20 Obama will be responsible for making tough decisions concerning taxes, war, gas prices, and the housing crisis.  More specifically, he will be responsible for structuring a bailout plan for large U.S. corporations whose top executives have greedy hands.  Here’s something to think about: Do you think all of us will get bailed out too?  I seriously doubt it.  Are you counting on Obama or the government to repair your credit score or fix your home loan? 

I’m not bashing Obama by any means.  Even if John McCain had won the election, the problems we face are enormous for one man to handle.    

The world has changed significantly during the past two decades.  We have entered an Information Age that is changing the way we think and communicate.  Thinking globally has become the norm.  Anyone who has a computer and few extra dollars can build a website and have customers across the globe.  Government is changing too.  The United States has firmly established its presence in the Middle East, and there is a theory that explains we need to remain there in order to retain global power.  This would require enormous defense spending (which it already has), and as a result, the government has dipped into Medicare and Social Security tax dollars to fund our wars.  Who will be losing out once the money is gone?

I wish Obama the best of luck during his first term.  I believe he will do a great job for the country, and he will make great changes to America.  As for your financial future, Obama (or anyone else for that matter) has no real control over your financial health.  It’s up to you to get educated and learn how to provide for yourself and family.  If you plan on waiting for the government to bail you out, be sure not to hold your breath. 

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