The Movement To Working From Home

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There’s no doubt that the world has changed drastically during the past ten years, due to technology that allows our life to become more connected to the world. And rumor has it that the last ten years is only the beginning of some drastic changes to come.

With all the advantages that technology brings to the table, it has also created some obstacles for some people who aren’t quite ready to the new way of life. Many people who have lost their jobs have not been able to find new jobs, in many cases due to the fact that they are still using old methods of searching for jobs, or for the simple fact that old skills are no longer as important as they used to be. In fact, in an article written by Nacie Carson at, she discusses Vocational Darwinism, which is essentially the concept of “survival of the fittest”. On a practical level, this means that an important business skill for our current generation is the ability to adapt. And those of us who are unable to adapt (or refuse to adapt) will find themselves left behind.

With that being said, that brings us to the latest trend of home-based businesses and freelancing. According to Kelly Services, in 2011 the U.S. the number of freelancers had grown to 44 million due to an increased desire for freedom, flexibility and ways to get paid for their professional skills.

Are you a part of these statistics?

If you’re considering the start of a new home-based business, as a freelancer in particular, I encourage you give it 100%. Freelancing is a great way to get paid for working right from your home while enjoying the freedom of a new lifestyle. We do warn you that a home-based business lifestyle is not necessarily the bliss that you may be dreaming about, either. This new way of working can be extremely challenging and it’s likely that you won’t make nearly as much money as you would at a normal day job, at first. Besides, working from home means that you immediately become a business owner, and this requires a new set of skills in itself compared to the skills you needed at your day job. You will need to tackle this new skill set in addition to those skills required to get your home-based business up and running.

Stay tuned for more articles that will dive into addressing the skills needed to get you up and running, that will help you make your home-based business a success.

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