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| November 23, 2008 | 3 Replies

Hi Everyone! 

After 3 months of no writing activity, I’d like to give everyone something to read again.  

For those of you familiar with the writings of Robert Kiyosaki (also one of my favorite authors), you have learned that people can be classified into one or more of these quadrants: Employee, Self-Employed (Specialists), Investors, or Business.  Kiyosaki claims that people in the E or S quadrants (the left side) tend to seek security or control when it comes to their financial well-being.  In contrast, people in the B or I quadrants (the right side) tend to seek financial freedom by investing in assets such as real estate or businesses.

Most of us start out in the E or S quadrants and never make it to the other side.  We are raised by wonderful parents who only want the best for us, and therefore teach us to seek financial security through a full-time job.  Having a full-time job is wonderful, especially if you have a wonderful family that depends on it to survive.  Let’s face it, even if you really want to quit your job and start focusing on becoming an investor or business owner, leaving a paycheck is a daunting thought and can be discouraging.

If you are truly serious about switching sides and creating assets to support your financial well-being, there couldn’t be a better time than now to give it a shot.  The great thing is that you don’t have to quit your job in order to make the switch.  Considering the current state of the economy and the real estate market, making the choice to take action now is smart. 

For three years I have been investing in rental real estate and highly suggest buying a small single- or multi-family property.  I recommend this because a small property is relatively easy to manage, and it’s can be easy to come up with a small downpayment.  More important, real estate prices are low and foreclosures are still soaring, which means a great deal for you!  Why wait and go to the supermarket tomorrow when you can buy your groceries for 50% off today, right?

If real estate is not your cup of tea, then you may also consider starting a part-time business.  In fact, this is my current focus, along with continuing to find undervalued real estate deals.  The great thing about starting a part-time business is that you don’t even have to start the business yourself.  If you look on the Internet, there are business brokers who market businesses for sale.  This can be a great opportunity for those who don’t have the time or effort to start from scratch.  Who knows – you just may be the person to take an average business and make it turn to gold! 

Network marketing is also a great way to switch quadrants.  A good network marketing company is based on a solid business model that has proven success.  This is good news for you because all you have to do is follow the business model.  Also, other members in the network take you in under their wing and help you become successful, even if you have only a limited amount of time.  I recently joined a network marketing organization called Vector Marketing, a distributing company of the famous Cutco brand of kitchen knives.  It was a great experience in that I never had to go far in order to find help.  I would highly recommend a network marketing company if you have no experience in running your own business.

Whatever route you decide to take in life, just make sure you’re doing what YOU want.  The economy is rough, and employers who are in financial distress will take any action necessary to survive, even if it means laying you off!  Depending on your field of work, this may never happen to you, but it IS HAPPENING to a lot of people.  If you are in this situation, just keep in mind that it could be an opportunity to change your life.

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Rob Myrick is a entrepreneur, web designer, and blogger who resides in Phoenix, Arizona. He works with entrepreneurs who have the need to take their product to the Internet, or who simply need marketing skills as a supporting strategy to their existing business. Rob has worked for several well-known entrepreneurs such as top blogger Katie Freiling, and also businesses such as The Startup Garage located in San Diego, CA.

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  1. Ryan Moore says:


    Great to see you on the web again. –I took a bit of a break myself.

    You really do put a lot into your posts; they are always very thought provoking. It’s a crazy coincidence that you brought up the Kiyosaki book…The key to getting out of the rat race is to own your own business and be an investor.

    “I am a business owner!” That’s become my mantra lately. I did a quick blog about it a few days ago when I brought my site back from vacation.

    Stay away from the temptation of the J.O.B.!

    Yours in Success,

    P.S. You should come to one of my Toastmasters meetings. I’ll introduce you to some business owners I’ve met.


  2. Scott says:

    I also worked for Vector Marketing while I was in college. It was a great opportunity for me and enjoyed working for Vector.

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