Will You Be Doing Great in 2008?

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It seems like yesterday that 2008 arrived, when each of us set our New Year’s Resolutions for the year.  At the time, we promised ourselves that we would try really hard in 2008 to meet our goals. 

It’s now mid-February and the year is off to a fast start.  And you ask youself,  “Am I doing a good job of trying to reach my goals?”  For many of us the answer is a simple “no”.

When it comes to sticking to a plan, I am probably one of the worst on follow-through.  I seem to have these great ideas or come up with great challenges for myself, but it seems difficult to stay focused.  In short, I do great at thinking big, but have problems with daily tasks.

If you’re in the same boat, consider trying the following tips that can help you keep focused on a daily basis.  First, write a personal mission statement that describes what you represent.  For example, my mission statement looks like this:

“My mission is to make a difference in the lives of others through being a successful entrepreneur, investor, and author.”

After you create your mission statement, breakdown your mission into objectives for each role you play in life.  This is your ideal viewpoint of each role.  For example, my role as a “Friend” is:

“To maintain an ongoing relationship with my friends and be there for them in the time of need, without sacrificing my own needs.

Then you can create goals associated with each of these roles, which are the “New Year’s Resolutions” we always try to achieve.  Be sure to write them on paper and create bullet-points on how you plan to achieve your goals.  Remember, your bullet points must be challenging, yet small enough to achieve progress.  For example, one of my goals as a “Business Owner” is shown below:

Purchase 5 rental units (under $30K) in 2008

  • Buy 1 single-family home every 2.5 months
  • Save $5K in a saving account by April 2008 to be used as down payment to close on properties
  • Actively monitor MLS activity through e-mail notification on Mondays of each week

You can see that the goals are very specific, and are challenging enough to be conductive to meeting my goal.  If I don’t end up meeting my goals by the deadline, at least I know I am doing the right things to advance.  The most important thing to remember is: DON’T GIVE UP!

If any of you have good tips on setting goals or staying organized, I’d like to post your comments.  Please feel free to drop a line.

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