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| January 17, 2008 | 1 Reply

Flip This House, a popular show about people who apply the flip-and-fix strategy to real estate investing, is a big hit on A&E.  Over at Bravo TV, you’ll find another show, Flipping Out, on a similar theme.  If you watch them, you already know that they offer very different perspectives on real estate development. 

Personally, I never watch these shows because they don’t seem realistic, although they do make great TV.  That’s my opinion.  But instead of writing about my thoughts, I’d like to invite you to post your comments here about what you like and dislike about those two shows – or others that you watch that offer advice about real estate.  I’ll be interested to hear your views.  

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  1. James Dudley says:

    Good topic. I just wonder how much material they have left?? Let’s face it nobody today is buying homes and turning them around in 30-45 Days. The days for these shows are numbered and it’s going to be worse than the writer’s strike!

    I do enjoy watching some of these and my favorite is the guy from South Carolina. He runs a tight ship and invests in some unique homes. It’s always good to see how some corners are cut on the investment side to keep profit margins up.

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