March 2017 Flagstaff Winter Ascent

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The last couple of years has flown by, and it has been low key in terms of hiking/climbing.  Back in 2014 my wife and I thought it was best to move back to our hometown, St. Louis.  We had been living in Phoenix, AZ for 3 years and figured maybe it was better to be back home.  But we soon missed the sunny days we don’t get so much in St. Louis.  We just didn’t get outside as much as we did in Phoenix.

We moved back in late 2016, and now the good life is back!

One of my favorite things to do in Arizona, is to take frequent road trips to high country in Flagstaff, AZ.  Most people outside of Phoenix never hear about the awesome winter season that we get to enjoy here.  About 3 hours from Phoenix, you can drive from about 1,500ft in elevation to about 9,500ft at the Snow Bowl ski resort in Flagstaff.  I always enjoy my time there, because of the mountains and all of the people I meet when I am there.

Enjoy some of the pics below, and I hope you get out and enjoy the good life too.




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