Being Rich is A Choice

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Have you ever taken the time to think about where you are in life compared to where you want to be?  I guess we all think about our lives at some point.  But are we doing the things necessary to achieve our goals?  If not, what are the reasons it’s not working?     

When it comes to goals, sometimes our minds get in the way of making us successful.  We have an inner voice, called mindtalk, that speaks negatively to us about our intentions.  Your inner voice may say something like, “I might as well skip going to the gym because it has been two weeks since I went”, or “50% of businesses fail during the first five years, so I’m not going to take that risk.”  

I have known a few people who are extremely smart but don’t make the effort to learn how to become wealthy.  For example, my old colleauge at Regions Bank in the commercial lending department could analyze complex real estate deals, and even managed over 4,500 apartments at one point in his life.  However, he never took the leap to own a single investment property on his own.  Perhaps his mindtalk kept him from owning property?  I don’t know. 

The point is that our choices determine our fate.  If you want to become wealthy, it won’t come by waiting for it.  Becoming wealthy requires waking up each morning and making the choice to take action.  And when you make that choice, you will find out what to do.  

Being rich isn’t really that hard.  Remember, your brain is the most powerful tool you have.  If you want to be rich, invest the time to learn the things it takes to get there.  Read books, take investing courses, and most of all – take action!  

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