Are You Pursuing Your Passion?

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I’ve been thinking a lot lately about how hard life can be, whether it’s tackling financial problems, working out disagreements in our relationships, or overcoming personal hurdles that stand in our way.  The fact is that life really throws a lot of mine traps in front of us, and pushing through all of the smoke can be really, really hard. 

If you’re having problems getting through the turmoil that life stirs up, then consider if solving your problems is in line with your personal mission.  Also, ask yourself if you’re able to control the problems.  Tackling your problems is so much easier when you know they’re in line with your personal mission and it’s within your control.  If they’re not, YOU WILL LIKELY BE FRUSTRATED!!!  

I’ve found that sometimes we get tripped up on things that weren’t meant for us to do anyway.  For example, I recently spent 7 months of my time working at New York Life asking people to buy life insurance.  I knew that I wasn’t passionate about the job, but I wanted to improve my sales skills.  I was completely frustrated because I really tried hard and getting even small results was tough.  Then my contract expired and I didn’t meet my quota.  I started to criticize myself because I felt I “just didn’t get it.”  But I knew that I liked the part of my job where I set appointments and helped people.  It was only days later that my renewed passion for real estate and helping others came back to me!  

Instead of viewing New York Life as a failed opportunity, I found peace with myself and admitted that the New York Life job just wasn’t my passion.  Now I’m pursuing ways that I could help others learn how to build wealth through investing in real estate and businesses.

I urge you to think about your daily life and the turmoil that you encounter each day.  Are you selling yourself short on your potential because of problems outside of your personal mission?  Have you sacrificed your life to a cause that you’re not in tune with, simply for economic reasons?  If you are, then consider exploring your interests in your spare time.  Typically, your passion will find you when you’re relaxed and not worried about your daily routine. 

If you have a story about finding your passion in life, please don’t hesitate to share!!!

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