An Out-of-Job Experience

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Have you ever contemplated leaving your job to start a business?  Trends are proving that working for life for an employer is an industrial age idea, and that working for one employer is even risky.  According to, with the change in trends and the heartless layoffs, having all your eggs in the “employee” basket is the riskiest choice of all.  It’s those who are at least partially self-employed, those who have several sources of income, who will be positioned best to enjoy the benefits of the coming information age.

It’s easy to become emotional when seeing the above statement.  In fact, I would have felt defensive about that statement about 8 months ago when I was employed by a bank earning over 50K per year.  But regardless of our emotions, the fact remains that all of us are responsible for our own retirement and/or financial freedom, and working for someone else JUST ISN’T GOING TO MAKE US FINANCIALLY FREE.   

With that being said, I was fired from my job about 8 months ago.  At the time I didn’t feel it was fair and was angry at management for the way it was handled.  I was loyal to the company, and in a blink of an eye, my loyalty did not matter.  The funny thing is that after a week of freaking out about WHAT THE HELL AM I GOING TO DO, I really began to see that a new page was being turned in my life – I had an opportunity to do anything I wanted.  I felt like Kevin Spacey in American Beauty when he rebelled against his cheating wife – you don’t tell me what to do any more! 

Although realizing this opportunity is a great thing, a had realized the true responsibility at my hands.  I had some investment real estate generating cash each month, but I still needed more money to survive.  This means that I had to start creating ways to make money.  That is why I’m writing today – to share with you some of the ways I’m trying to build a business – ways to accumulate money in order to get by when you choose not to work for an hourly wage.

Over the next several days, I will be posting some of the small things I’m doing in order to generate some extra cash.  I would also like to hear about your experiences in trying to make it on your own.  How are you doing it?

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