About Rob

Hi, I’m Rob Myrick. I’m a 33-year old guy who lives in Phoenix, Arizona. I have a beautiful wife, an adorable dog, and no children. I’m pretty much an ordinary guy, although I’ve developed extraordinary persistence and mental focus over the course of my life. My passion in life is to share that information with the world, and if I can help just one person find their true passion in life, then I feel satisfied.

And that’s what life is about – living and doing what makes YOU feel satisfied.

How Passive Income Led Me To This Website

During the past 5 years I generated over $300,000 in passive income through various businesses and investments. And in 2007 at the age of 27, I left my full-time job (not by choice) and had a decision to make about my future:

  1. I could either go back to work and maintain a safe, secure job with steady income, or
  2. I could take a leap of faith and try to figure out how to make money by following my passions and dreams.
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Although the idea of a steady paycheck was appealing as always, I was taught early in life by my parents that I could pursue anything I wanted in life.

And that’s exactly what I did.

You may be wondering how I simply “chose” to leave my job and start following my passion. It was not an easy decision, nor do I think it was a smart one looking back, although it was the only decision for me at the time.

I owe it all to passive income.

During those years before I left my job I was fortunate enough to work at a bank where I assisted real estate investors in financing their rental properties. Everyday I went to work and analyzed the income and expenses from these investments, while also doing market research and looking at appraisals. And most importantly, I had the opportunity to speak with these wealthy investors and learn how they started their empires.

During those work years, I saved enough money and built-up enough confidence to begin investing in my own real estate. I bought my first investment property in 2006 and it was a four-unit apartment complex, so I decided to live in one of the apartment units. I kept saving my paychecks and buying more property, and after 3 years I was able to accumlate 3 rental houses and 12 apartment units that generated enough money to support my basic living expenses.

After taking a break from investing in real estate, I soon realized that I had not built up enough cash flow in the case of a big emergency. I had some good months and some bad months – the money was flowing in, although I didn’t feel comfortable in how the amount of money coming in could change on a monthly basis. I soon decided that I needed to find another way to make money in order to stabilize my monthly income.

Freelancing Solved My Problem

As you can see, not having enough money and not having a job in a tough economy was the perfect ingredients for a freelance startup. During my free time while investing in real estate, I had taken the time to learn some HTML and PHP programming that would later serve as the fundamentals for my freelance business.